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If You Like Pop Rock Bands Like Fall Out Boy, Check Out Jon Collins’ New Music Video on YouTube

The incredibly fun and powerful music video by pop rock singer Jon Collins and the Jon Collins Band is a must see for fans of Fall Out Boy. The music video is beautifully shot and has some very powerful visuals. The song itself is an anthem about loving one another and spreading love to everyone. Accompanied by a drummer, bass guitarist, and keyboardist, the Jon Collins Band has the pop rock sound that has dominating the airwaves the past few years! Be sure to check out “Let Love Live” at: http://bit.ly/letlovelive.

Discover more of Jon and the Jon Collins Band on Twitter at: http://bit.ly/JonCollinsBand-TW, on Facebook at: http://bit.ly/JonCollinsBand-FB and check out his hit single “Let Love Live” on Itunes at: http://bit.ly/JonCollinsBand-iTunes. Or, just visit his official website: http://www.JonCollinsBand.com.

Jon Collins

Jon Collins

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The Jon Collins Band Released a New Pop Rock Song That Shows Influence from Imagine Dragons


Jon Collins, lead singer of the Jon Collins Band is a Pop Rock Artist who’s taking rock & pop to a new level by storm. His new sexy song “Let Love Live” is reminiscent of the sound of Imagine Dragons. He does a great job mixing meaningful lyrics with powerful guitars and melodies. He’s the new 2014 sound of today, check him out for yourself and see why his near 30K fans on Facebook are shouting about all the commotion!

Discover more of Jon and the Jon Collins Band on Twitter, on Facebook and check out his hit single “Let Love Live” on Itunes. Or, just visit his official website: www.JonCollinsBand.com

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Like True Story Alien Encounters? Check out This Free YouTube Video about a Rural Kentucky Family Who Engaged in a Gun Battle with UFOs in 1955


If you are Interested in the paranormal, then you need to see this free movie about a UFO vs. farmers gun battle! Imagine what it would be like in the 1950’s fighting for your family’s lives, not even knowing who or what your enemy is! This 45 minute video takes you back in time to relive one of the most intense UFO encounters!
You can watch it here.

Paranormal TV has full length movies by Mark Victor (who is the screenplay writer of Poltergeist) available on YouTube. The topics range anywhere from Ghosts to alien encounters. Be sure to check out their short films and their free movies. You can also connect on their Twitter, their Facebook, and their official website at www.ParanormalWorld.com.

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