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Get Hooked on Stephanie in this YouTube music video and Catch it Performed Live in Los Angeles at the Redwood Bar

Stephanie Music Video Screenshot

After following Brian McShea and the Sidemen, I’ve always wanted to see them live, which is why I’m so excited that they’re coming to the Redwood Bar in Los Angeles on July 31st! I heard that the Redwood Bar is pirate themed, I wonder if I should get dressed up to fit in? I think it would be really unique and fun place for Brian McShea and the Sidemen to perform.

I’m most looking forward to hearing them play their new EP, “Real People, Not Actors” live for the first time! The EP was only released a few weeks ago and I’m loving every song on it, especially “Stephanie!” I love how the song builds up progressively to a loud and catchy tune! This is the song I use to show people when I tell people about Brian McShea. I really think their music video for “Stephanie” on YouTube is really fun and fits the song well, while also showing us what Brian McShea and the Sidemen are really about!

Be sure to check out their website at www.BrianMcSheaAndTheSidemen.com, and stay updated on their Facebook to be the first to hear about new music, upcoming events, and news!

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Indie Rock Band Slow Lights Is Getting Thousands of Plays on Spotify

Summer is here, which means it’s time for poolside hangs and new music! Slow Lights, an awesome 4-piece band out of the Baltimore area, has been picking up momentum on Spotify with their latest hit Portable Cabana’s. The bands tracks have been getting thousands of streams of Spotify and getting added to a bunch of fan playlists. It’s the perfect time to check them out! Slow Lights formed in 2013. Having written a multitude of original songs, Asa Kurland, teamed up with Felipe Cantuaria, Jason Altomare, Mike Pivik, and Troy Long to bring the tracks to life. Their classic instrumentation is centered around Asa’s acoustic songwriting and smooth indie tone. Slow Lights captures a coulful sound with a mix of rock and roll, funky rhythms, and the feel of an old school big band.

Portable Cabanas really makes you see how the band is described as a combination of rock, pop and horns leaning them to a bit of a jazz influence with a horn section. Portable Cabanas is now on Spotify, you can check it out here. You can also get a free download on Noisetrade. Hope you like it as much as I do! Looking forward to more from them!


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Spotify Listeners Check Out This New Showtune Inspired Rock Song From Brian McShea and The Sidemen

Brian McShea and The Sidemen have done it again! Today, they’ve released a classic show tune inspired rock song welcoming the con man Mr. Elliot Davis into the world of infamy. From the raunchy distorted guitars to the screaming altissimo sax solo, “Mr. Davis, You’re Famous!” is a catalogue highlight. Not only does the track sound amazing on Spotify, but I’m sure this is one you’d need to see live as well! So if you’re in Northern California you can catch them playing at the Whole Earth Festival on Sunday, May 13, 2018 in Davis, CA with a bunch of other great bands. Check out “Mr. Davis, You’re Famous!” on Spotify and for purchase on Amazon and iTunes .

The band is nothing without their fans, and Brian McShea and The Sidemen have some awesome ones! They always show their appreciation to those indie curators on Spotify for putting their songs on rotation in their playlists. Take a listen and see where it takes you; you can get a FREE download of the previous single “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” on Noisetrade. Stay up to date with their events on Facebook .


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Rock Out With Brian McShea and The Sidemen This St Patty’s Day in DTLA


Brian McShea and The Sidemen are hitting the stage again this weekend at Downtown LA’s The Escondite. The Sidemen will be playing 2 sets on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) starting at 3pm with no cover! Riding off the heels of their successful single release party at Los Angeles’ infamous Hotel Café, The band’s new single, “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It”, has been getting a lot of notice from a multitude of music publications like American Pancake and CHILLFILTR. This bluesy funk alt rock pop soul outfit gives a great taste of what’s to come from their new album “Real People, Not Actors” hitting shelves this June. Stay up to date with their events on Facebook.

Brian McShea’s The Sidemen are spanning decades with their modern but unique sound. What sets them a part from current bands are their powerful rhythm section and a explosive horn line, Check out their new single “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” and get a free download on Noisetrade.

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Global Music Award Winner Shane Burke Releases His Much Anticipated Fourth Studio Album Say, On iTunes


Indie Artist Shane Burke recently released his fourth studio album, Say. His sound is best described as a common ground between the sweet sacredness of Jeff Buckley and the gritty soul of Otis Redding, it’s no wonder why Shane snagged two Global Music Awards earlier this year.

If you haven’t given it a listen yet, then be sure to pick it up on to iTunes or CD Baby.

Shane’s has caught the attention of many with this album and continues to strengthen his hometown fan base in Fort Collins. His music has been so well received in fact that he had his hit song “Hell of a Trade” placed on USA’s hit TV show Graceland on the episode “Tinker Bell” and also lent his vocals on a tune for the TV series Velvet. His music has also been covered by many news websites such as Arts & Entertainment News, The Denver Journal, IndieBandGuru and PopRock Record.

If you like what you hear, then don’t forget to keep up with Shane  Facebook , ReverbNation, and his official website www.shaneburke.net

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Top Indie Rock Duo The Bergamot Brings A New World Sound That Feist Fans Have Been Looking For

Top Indie Rock duo The Bergamot brings a new world sound that Feist fans have been looking for in the past few years, a sound that is bound to capture new listeners from the start. This duo is guaranteed to make you fall head over heels for their lyrics that come from the heart and their music that will find a permanent place in your ears while digging their way deep into your soul. The uplifting beats and touching melodies coupled with the wonderful voices of The Bergamot make you a believer that true artistry still exists and will definitely make you a fan of the indie rock genre. Their new single, “Forget About Tomorrow” is a perfect example of how their love of music, songwriting and performing has no bounds and that they produce music that really speaks to the listener. They are absolutely one of the best duo’s out there and fans of artists like Feist will not be disappointed. Their songs showcase life experiences that transcend feelings, emotions or even lifetimes; a collection of these powerful moments is showcased in their new album “Tones”.

You can purchase “Forget About Tomorrow” on iTunes. To stay informed about whats going with The Bergamot, visit them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also check out their official website www.TheBergamot.com.


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Formidable Pop Rock Duo Catch Lighting In a Bottle With Their New Single Forget About Tomorrow

Formidable pop rock duo catch lighting in a bottle with their new single “Forget About Tomorrow”. The Bergamot – who take their name from a happiness inducing, stress relieving, essential oil – are basically the musical equivalent of their therapeutic namesake. Their melodies are bright and honest, and their voices are transfixing. These qualities can be seen on display in all their wonderful glory on their newest single “Forget About Tomorrow” which was just released on May 12th. The song possesses a cheerful disposition without beating you over the head with rainbows and unicorns. It is ethereal and otherworldly, yet at the very same time, it is grounded in reality. Perhaps this desire to heal people with their music is the most significant part of this band and their music. With their uncanny ability to create music that expertly conveys tone and feeling, it’s no wonder they have already shared the stage alongside several well known contemporaries and have gained an enthusiastic following so early in their career.

You can purchase “Forget About Tomorrow” on iTunes. To stay informed about whats going with The Bergamot, visit them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also check out their official website www.TheBergamot.com.

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