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Reggae Meets George Benson Jazz with Dave Sereny’s Recent Spotify Single “Jammin”


3-8-2019 5-13-21 PM

Toronto-based Guitarist, Dave Sereny, pays tribute to Bob Marley with a soulful rendition of the classic reggae “Jammin” drawing influences from musicians like George Benson and other Jazz icons.

The award-winning Jazz artist, Dave Sereny is back with his soulful guitar style in his latest single, “Jammin”. Sereny reworks a soulful and jazzy interpretation of the classic 1977 Bob Marley and The Wailers song that is heavily influenced by music legends such as George Benson and other great Jazz players. The melodic riffs and Sereny’s Jazz and Rock style of music will make you fall in love with this classic reggae all over again! With little to no vocalization other than the background layers of a women’s choir, Dave really emphasizes the instrumental portions, particularly his guitar melodies. This song is a clear showcase displaying what Sereny can do with a guitar even after taking a few years’ break from releasing new music.

You can listen to this amazing single on Spotify or Apple Music. This song is also available on his album Talk To Me available on streaming platforms. For updates on Dave Sereny, follow him on Twitter or check out www.DaveSereny.com!

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Jazz Musician Dave Sereny emulates Guitarist Paul Simon with Come Here Baby on Spotify Playlist’s

Dave Sereny - Come Here Baby

Jazz musician Dave Sereny emulates Paul Simon with his new single “Come Here Baby” where he reminisces about his past relationships back drop with jazz grooves. The incorporation of different styles of jazz reminds me of Paul Simon style and vocal tone.

This is a beautifully crafted song with heart-felt romantic lyrics that make you want to sing along and hit repeat, repeat, repeat, Think cold day, fireplace going, snuggled in a blanket, reading a good book – that’s “Come Here Baby”!    The relaxing energy that Sereny brings is not only straight forward jazz but it’s been infused with influences from soul and rock.

From signature-like Paul Simon vocals to amazing melodic guitar licks similar to Santana, Sereny really wants us to enjoy his song just as much as he did when he was writing, composing, singing and playing his electric guitar on this track; the same is the case with the whole album, not just this track.

Make sure to check out the full album on Spotify here Be sure to check his website   and Twitter for all your updates and questions.

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Smooth Jazz Musician Dave Sereny Releases R&B Fused Single Come Here Baby Streaming On Spotify

Released just this year, in 2019, the Toronto-based guitarist Dave Sereny’s new single “Come Here Baby” has secured its place on numerous R &B infused Jazz playlists on Spotify.


Unsurprisingly, “Come Here Baby” has been the talk of the R & B community since its release. It has been covered most recently by 94.7FM The Wave’s Stu Berketo where he analyzes Serenys new album “Talk To Me”. He had the following to say about “Come Here Baby”:


“Sereny’s vocals once again take center stage on “Come Here Baby”. Delightfully smooth, sultry and bluesy, the unrequited love pains conversely feel great, and it’s easy to find yourself singing along in unison on the refrain and snapping your fingers in perfect tempo.”

–  Stu Berketo, Wave.fm 94.7/95.9 HD2


Stu Berketo couldn’t be more right, the theme of unrequited love pains conversely feel great with the R&B perfect tempo he chose for the song. These elements make “Come here baby” impossible not to snap and sing along to.  Although, some might’ve thought that Dave Sereny was done 11 years ago when he released “Take This Ride”, however, “Come Here Baby” proves Dave Sereny is a multi- genre force who is here to stay.


You can listen to this amazing single on Spotify  or Apple Music . This song is also available on his album “Talk To Me” available on streaming platforms. For updates on Dave Sereny, follow him on Twitter or check out www.DaveSereny.com!

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Toronto Musician Dave Sereny releases newest blues single Come Here baby, making waves on Spotify community!

Dave Sereny - Come Here Baby


Talk To Me!” album by the Toronto-based blues musician, Dave Sereney is making noise on Spotify with his new single, “Come Here Baby”,

The Blues artist mixes jazz and soul with silky smooth acoustic in his album “Talk To Me!”  Unmatched in the art of Blues music, Sereny’s intent behind this specific track is even more compelling. The Toronto artist collaborates with Uganda-based Neema Children’s Choir for backup vocals in order to help fundraise and bring awareness to problems facing Uganda’s youth. Sereny climbs the Spotify charts and can be found in multiple playlists.

You can listen to this amazing single on Spotify or Apple Music. This song is also available on his album Talk To Me  available on streaming platforms. For updates on Dave Sereny, follow him on Twitter or check out www.DaveSereny.com!

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Bob Marley’s Reggae Tune “Jammin’” Reimagined By Toronto-based Smooth Jazz Musician Dave Sereny

Our dreams have come true! Toronto’s Dave Sereny has released a new single off his highly anticipated album, Talk to Me. The track titled, Jammin’ is a Bob Marley cover and could not be more appropriately named. This reggae infused, soulful, rock jam has you swaying to the guitar strums while you soak up the tropical vibes Marley cultivated.


On such an iconic track, Sereny still makes it his own. His guitar skills take front row while the airy vocal accompanyment create an angelic ambiance.


“Sereny’s work is remarkable…including [his cover of] Bob Marley’s “Jammin’”, which stays true to the original with splendid smooth vocal overlay” –  Stu Berketo, Wave.fm 94.7/95.9 HD2


Jammin’ comes off Sereny’s second album “Talk To Me”, released 12 years since his wildly popular album “Take This Ride”. Makes sense when you account for the fact that Sereny is a frequent performer and a touring veteran of multiple jazz festivals. In 2019, it’s great to see that Sereny gives jazz music a fresh spin while never sacrificing his craft.


Listen to Jammin’ on Spotify or check out the full album on iTunes. Be sure to also check out Dave’s website and Twitter  for all his updates!

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