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Looking For Music With Songwriting Like Jimmy Webb? Check out Blues/Pop Singer John McAndrew


Looking for new some new music with songwriting like Jimmy Webb? Then you should definitely check out blues/pop singer John McAndrew. McAndrew is known as a pianist, singer and songwriter but he should really be known as a storyteller. His lyrics tell stories of forgiveness, hope, and God’s love that attract the attention of adult contemporary listeners and blues/pop fans alike.

John’s new album Forgiven has just been released, and his new single “Pray” is something not to miss! Although he has a strong spiritual foundation, his deep love of the blues genre has made it possible for him to expand beyond the Christian rock community into other areas of appreciation. You can learn more and buy Forgiven at WBA Records.

Stay up to date by connecting with him on Facebook and his official website at www.JohnMcAndrew.com.

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Folk, Pop & Easy Listening Artist Wayne Reynolds Re-Releases CD: Another Day Goes By


Artist Wayne Reynolds’ new album “Another Day Goes By” contains elements of Folk, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Bossa Nova, and more!  An eclectic singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Reynolds has consistently avoided kowtowing to any brand of musical dogma throughout his musical career [sic: Not being pigeonholed into one particular genre]

I’m reminded,” muses Reynolds, “of the exhortation by none other than Bobby McFerrin that we should not live in the same musical room all the time. Walk around, don’t get stuck.” 

Reynolds’ influences on the album span from pop tunesmiths Jimmy Webb and Billy Joel to Bossa Nova masters Baden Powell and Joao Gilberto.  “We developed the arrangements more or less in real time with the rhythm section, and then multiple overdubs for the soprano sax, background singers, and the rest.” Though the record has a rich, full sound and finds Reynolds supported by a full band of obviously empathetic players, the arrangements are acoustic-oriented and the album retains a light, airy feel.

There is no doubt that “Another Day Goes By” adheres to the open-ended artistic ethos that has sustained Reynolds since the beginning of his musical journey.  You can listen, download, or order the album on iTunes and Amazon.

You can connect with Wanye Reynolds on FacebookTwitterand ReverbNation.

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