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Youtube Fans Support Anti-Bullying with Youth Pop Group Ariel, Zoey and Eli ‘s Music Video Hey Bully


Sibling Pop and TV stars Ariel, Zoey and Eli are making a splash with their new single “Hey Bully” on Youtube! The pop group has really helped move forward the anti-bullying movement by spreading the word with their super catchy song off of their new album “Vision-Chapter 1”.Not only is it full of powerful lyrics, but the music video really shows how much they care about the cause. AZ&E want their fans to know that nothing can hold them down!

Recently, AZ&E have been back in the music studio with songwriter Jim Peterik, of the Grammy™ award-winning hit “Eye of the Tiger.”  Along with their Production Company – Soup J Productions, their Label – World Stage International and their Executive Producer Matt Engelbert, they traveled from their hometown in Michigan to meet up with Peterik at his Chicago studio.  Having such a successful mentor in Peterik is a dream come true for this trio.

In addition to their music, they also star in their own television show “Ariel, Zoey and Eli Too!,” which airs Saturday mornings on NBC-TV, and has featured such guests as Miranda Cosgrove and Cody Simpson.  AZ&E have a new television show in the works that will give everyone a look into how their album “Vision” was created with Peterik.  “Vision” is full of songs that both kids and adults will love.

You can watch the new video for “Hey Bully” here at: http://bit.ly/AZE2_Hey-Bully
You can also listen and download the first chapter of their album “Vision” here.
Connect with AZ&E on Twitter and Facebook.

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Mass Text Singer Tay Allyn Talks to Tim Conway Jr and Gets Mentioned By Joel McHale While Her Viral Video Reaches 1,000,000 Views


Pop recording artist Tay Allyn’s latest video “Mass Text,” a catchy song and equally attention grabbing video about being left out of a mass text party invite, instantly went viral on YouTube within a week of being posted.  Now, it’s already reached over 1,000,000 views!  The big questions on everyone’s mind remain: “is this a joke?”, “Does she know this is about the worst video EVER?”  “Is she channeling Rebecca Black?”, “She’s not serious, is she?”  A quick look at the comments posted on Tay’s video and it’s clear that many YouTube users love to hate on Tay and her knack for creating pop music that’s like “Ke$ha without the sex, and Lady Gaga without the avant garde.”  Tay delivers a sassy yet relatable attitude while singing about the mundane things in everyday life. 

Tay was on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight less than one week after posting the video. Everyone on Showbiz Tonight wanted to find out where this girl came from and tried to answer all the questions and get to the bottom of it!  Tay was also recently featured on Tim Conway Jr.’s Podcast and she’s been “critiqued” by The Soup’s Joel McHale.  See what the comedian had to say about Tay here.  Tay was also featured on LiveStarringYou.com.

Here’s what we’ve learned from her recent interviews…Growing up Tay was not the most popular girl – she was called worse than “chubby” and wore an eye patch for medical purposes from the time she was 4 until well into middle school. However, after overcoming the adversity and the bullying and gaining confidence in herself as she journeyed through graduating the University of Southern California and addressing the commencement audience of over 5,000, she has completely changed her image and (late) blossomed to become a beautiful confident woman.  Afraid of being bullied now?  Not this girl!  Bring it on! 

Like it or hate it, she’s clearly is making a name for herself.  Question is, what else has she got?  And will it be something more viable than this?  Or is she a one hit wonder that will disappear into obscurity.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

You can watch Tay’s Showbiz Tonight Interview here.
You can listen to Tay’s interview with Tim Conway Jr. here.
You can check out Tay’s viral music video on YouTube or visit her official website for more info about Tay and her music.

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Nationally Acclaimed Singer Lara Johnston Has Two Upcoming Shows In The San Francisco Bay Area This Month!

Music fans in the San Francisco Bay area are in for a treat this month as critically acclaimed singer Lara Johnston takes the stage not once, but twice this month in a series of performances that are sure to thrill audiences with her golden voice and fiery stage presence. Her first appearance this month will be on Friday, December 16th with guitarist Miles Schon at The Showroom in San Francisco, one of the city’s top venues. The two are sure to please audience members of all ages.

Her next appearance the following night, Saturday, December 17th at the famous 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley for the Narada Michael Walden Foundation’s 15th Annual Holiday Dance Party and Concert. Johnston will perform in collaboration with other top artists – including her father, Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers – to form an electrifying ensemble. Come sing along to your favorite Holiday music, hear a few originals, and see a special father-daughter duet with Tom and Lara.

Tickets for The Showroom are available on their website at: http://www.TheShowroomSF.com/tickets.html

Tickets for the show at the 142 Throckmorton Theater can be found at: http://bit.ly/lj-at-throckmorton

You can also visit Lara’s Facebook Page here: http://www.facebook.com/LaraJohnstonSings?ref=ts



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Christina Aguilera Fans Get a Free MP3 Download of “The Party’s Over” By Lara Johnston

If you like Christina Aguilera , you will definitely like new artist Lara Johnston! Lara is clearly on the rise with her powerful voice and fiery, captivating stage presence. Touring tirelessly, Lara Johnston has performed with artists like Willie Nelson, KISS, Heart, Journey and Cheap Trick. Not many 21 year olds can attract the attention of some of the most powerful names in music as Lara has.

What makes her so captivating, aside from her beauty, is her powerful voice and great songwriting. Lara writes her own songs (sometimes collaborating with her favorite writers from Nashville to Los Angeles). Her music is an inspiring mix of Rock, Vocal Pop, R&B and Soul.

Lara’s debut album will be released later this year, but in the mean time and by popular demand from her fans,she’s giving away a free MP3 of one of the new tracks “The Party’s Over” on her website www.LaraJohnston.com

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