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Attn. Booking Agents – Now booking Stars of America with Headliner Idol Ruben Studdard plus Nikki McKibbin, Jasmine Trias, Brandon Rogers, Haley Scarnato, and Micahel Johns

Booking Agents! Revenue boosting live concert event: Stars of America now available for booking worldwide! This Live Concert Tour is headlined by season two American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. Since his win, he was nominated for a 2002 Grammy for his song “Superstar,” and has released four major albums. He has brought in huge ticket sales in such musicals as Ain’t Misbehavin’ and achieved further fame on his many live appearances on The View, Oprah, and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Eager fans ready to line up at the Box Office for Studdard will be elated to find he is accompanied by other idol favorites such as the red-haired rocker Nikki McKibbin, Platinum Album artist Jasmine Trias, TV personality Brandon Rogers, Country ‘Cutie’ Haley Scarnato, and Aussie soul singer Michael Johns.

Every one of these stars reaped millions of viewers and tens of thousands of fans as finalists on the popular television show American Idol. These fans have proved their loyalty by continuing to follow the careers of these performers, including attending live concerts such as this.

View TV Spot for Bookers here

:30 & :60 Radio Spots for Bookers here

*While the above mentioned premier line-up is available Worldwide, we are also able to create an exclusive custom tailored line-up by Promoter, or Market utilizing these Idols as well and/or other Idol fan favorites.

For booking, contact:
Mike Rand
Popular Music
(248) 595-8742

*The information posted herein has been provided to this blogger who has been compensated to disseminate same; and/or some of the views posted herein are the opinion of the blogger.

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Best of the Micro-Brews, Ninkasi Brewing Co. sponsors band Volifonix on tour! Get free beer stuff!

What’s better….pulling deeply on a pint of crisp and hoppy northwest microbrew or chilling out while funky songs about everything from parties to art & passion to positions against “the man” pulsate from your speakers?

If you answered “both” pour yourself a cold one and check out Oregonisms (topsecret records 2009) from Eugene darlings, Volifonix (aka VFX) who happen to be on tour all year and who are blissfully blessed in being fueled by the NW’s newest cult beer makers; “Ninkasi Brewing Company.”
Catch a whiff of life in a northern town, Volifonix style. Mmmmm….smoove!

If you like 311, Decemberists, Silver Sun Pickups, Akron/Family, RHCP’s, Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Parliament Funkadelic, Earth Wind & Fire or Jeff Buckley, you’ll love Volifonix!

Get a whiff of Beer Love here

Check out VFX sound here…

Volifonix logo

Find a tour date near you here
tour banner

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