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Two Time Global Music Awards Winner Country Singer Songwriter Maddie Logan Releases New Album If It’s Not Forever


Two time Global Music Awards winner, country singer-songwriter, Maddie Logan released her new album titled If it’s Not Forever on June 24th. This is the follow up to her self-titled EP and is available on iTunes. Maddie’s new album is already generating buzz with the track “Freedom Fighter” winning Best Overall in the Country/Pop genre at the Global Music Awards. Maddie herself won a Global Music Award for Best Country/Pop Emerging Artist. She recently released a music video for her song titled “My Favorite Mine,” up on her YouTube, already has over 26,000 views!

Maddie has established herself as a country artist to watch with her hit song “Breakup Survival Guide” off her debut EP being played on radio stations like WCCX 104.5FM and The Iceman Show. Her music has been praised by radio host and producer Gregg Wandsneider of WCCX 104.5 FM. On Maddie’s track “Breakup Survival Guide,” he said, “love, love, love the Maddie Logan track! I am on the Maddie wagon!”


Keep up to date with Maddie on Facebook, Instagram, and on her official website here: www.MaddieLogan.com.

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Singer Maddie Logan Praised By Country Radio Host For One Of Her Latest Songs

With a brand new video titled “My Favorite Mine” and a self-titled EP under her belt, country music singer Maddie Logan will soon be releasing another EP titled If It Isn’t Forever. Buy her current EP on iTunes and watch the new video on YouTube. Maddie’s music has been praised by radio host and producer Gregg Wandsneider of WCCX 104.5 FM. On Maddie’s track “Breakup Survival Guide,” he said, “love, love, love the Maddie Logan track! I am on the Maddie wagon!” Check out her YouTube page for covers of songs by a few country favorites like Pistol Annies and Little Big Town.


Keep up with Maddie on Twitter, Instagram, and on her official website www.maddielogan.comIMG_0231(1)

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Country Singer Maddie Logan Deals With Teen Problems In Her New Single Breakup Survival Guide


Country singer songwriter Maddie Logan released her first single titled “Breakup Survival Guide,” off her new EP available on iTunes. Maddie began practicing guitar and writing country songs as young as eight years old and hasn’t stopped since. She recently made the move to Nashville, TN where she’s worked with amazing producers and inspiring artists. Her latest cover video of the hit Pistol Annies song “Hell on Heels” can be seen on Youtube.

Keep up with Maddie on her official website at www.maddielogan.com, on Twitter and on Instagram.

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Fans Can’t Stop Laughing At The Soft Rock Music Video by Pablo Cruise Co-Founder Cory Charles (Lerios)


Fans world wide can’t stop laughing at the Soft Rock music video by Pablo Cruise Co-Founder Cory Charles (Lerios). Cory Charles struck gold with his extremely memorable video which has his fans laughing with his new music video that has a funny comedic twist. Cory has just released his solo debut EP “If I Could Change Anything It Would be You!” along with the music video for the title track. This soft rock and adult contemporary jam will have you swaying in tune and laughing all at the same time. Not only does it star the award winning Cory Charles, but also the beautiful model/ actress Erika Jordan; check out her tweet here http://bit.ly/Erika-J. One listen and you’ll become an instant fan! Cory Charles wrote the world wide hit theme and underscore for “Baywatch”, the Theme from Disney’s “Kim Possible” the scores from the hit TV shows, “Flipper”, “Max Headroom” and “The Land Before Time” just to name a few.

You can buy “If I Could Change Anything It Would be You!” on iTunes and Amazon . Stay up to date with all things Cory Charles on his Youtube and official website www.CoryCharles.com.

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Grammy Award Winning Songwriter Jim Peterik to Release New Remastered, Deluxe Edition of Lifeforce Jazz Album: Forces at Play


Musician Jim Peterik has written eighteen Top 10 hits, and three of those songs, “Vehicle,” “The Search Is Over,” and the Grammy (C) winning “Eye Of the Tiger” (theme from Rocky III), made it all the way to No. 1. Peterik is also responsible for many of the hits of .38 Special, including “Hold On Loosely,” “Caught Up In You,” and “Rockin’ Into the Night.” His songs have been featured worldwide in countless movies, television shows, sporting events and commercials.

 Peterik has now put together a stellar lineup of 15 talented musicians to create LIFEFORCE, a smooth jazz band that rocks.  The band is set to release a Remastered Deluxe Edition of the band’s most recent album, “Forces at Play,” on May 7th.  “My message and mood is positive and uplifting,” Peterik said. “Much like the theme of ‘Eye of The Tiger,’ I feel that visualization of your desired outcome is the first step to actualization. This theme, as well as making sure we appreciate and maximize each day, runs through my songs.” 

To learn more about the Lifeforce band, visit the website here at: www.jimpeterikslifeforce.com

 “Forces at Play (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]” will be officially released on May 7th, but right now the album is available for pre-order on iTunes.  You can also hear clips of the album’s great tracks on iTunes and Amazon.

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The NOW PLAYING Band Competition To Select Their Album Cover! Win Prizes For Participating.

NOW PLAYING Band Can’t Agree On Our CD Cover.
DECIDE OUR FATE And Cast Your Vote

Get a free download and enter to win album credits!

Competition Runs: May 16 through June 30, 2011

Now Playing band just finished our debut album and we can’t decide which cover art to use!  We need you to help Decide our Fate!

We like to think of our sound as being a unique mash-up of The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Weezer with a retro groove ala The Beatles and we want to portray that in the cover art.

To vote for your favorite cover, go here and fill in your info.  Once that’s done, you’ll receive an e-mail with your free download of “She Belongs To Me”.  Those who choose the winning cover, will be entered to win the grand prize of credit on our CD as the “Album Cover Consultant”.   

Did you know the only way to become a member of the most influential music organization and have the ability to vote for yearly winners is by documenting six creative or technical album credits? And you can earn one right here!
Check out the whole album before it’s released

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