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Online Marketing Firm Web ‘n Retail Helps Singer-Songwriter Shannon Hurley to Reach 30,000 Spotify Playlist Followers

Singer-songwriter Shannon Hurley can be heard on “Scorpion”, “Young & The Restless”, “90210”, “American Idol”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Home And Away”, “Charmed”, “Life Unexpected”, “Giuliana & Bill”, and more.

She has also collaborated with trance legends Alex MORPH, Protoculture, and The Thrillseekers, and has songs supported by Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, & Paul Oakenfold. Hurley also toured the U.S. as a keyboard player for the future Captain Marvel – Brie Larson.

The LA singer-songwriter has released 5 solo albums and 2 albums with the electronic duo Lovers & Poets (with her husband Ben Eisen).

Need a Spotify campaign to increase your numbers? Then let Web ‘n Retail help you get the exposure and recognition you deserve!

You can also find us at: https://www.musicmarketingbywebnretail.com/webnretailspotifycampaigns

Also check us out at:
Website:  : http://www.MusicMarketingByWebNRetail.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/musicmarketingbywebnretail

Twitter : https://twitter.com/WebnRetail

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govt mule


#GovtMule   #WebnRetail

I think it was 1995 when Rock ‘n Retail worked the “Live At Roseland Ballroom” record for Capricorn records and a girl I remember was named Rooth Blackman who was (I believe) somehow related to Jeff Brody (I could be wrong about that however!).  I just found her on linkedin, she too is still in the music biz!  Then later in life, Rock ‘n Retail had a music video production company client in Denver, CO and was at Red Rocks Amphitheater to see them perform years later…then met Warren Haynes at the editing facility…so I guess we are kinda like Govt. Mule groupies here huh?

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Pere Ubu


Image         Image

If you don’t know of David Thomas from Pere Ubu then you can’t really call yourself a music fan (or a punk fan).  David Thomas is a visionary virtuoso with a very clever mind!  He’s very busy too, for an older gentleman!  We worked not only his Pere Ubu project “Why I hate women” and “Why I remix women” (and no he doesn’t “hate” women – he “loves women”!), but we also worked several of his other projects such as David Thomas & 2 Pale Boys, Rocket from the Tombs and the Unknown Instructors.  These jobs came to us from a wonderful client – Frank & Lisa Mauceri of Smog Veil Records who was referred to us by our lovely PR friend, Ilka of FlyPR.  You can check out “Why I Hate Women” here: http://amzn.to/1hEjmjm and “Why I Remix Women” here: http://amzn.to/1oR2j7r

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Pioneer Online Marketing Expert Lectures at UCLA & Loyola Marymount University

President and CEO of Web ‘n Retail (a division of Rock ‘n Retail, llc), Gale Rosenberg, has been a regular lecturer and coach since 2009 at both UCLA Extension and Loyola Marymount University. She lectures on Viral Marketing to Business Students.  She is now available for academic and Corporate lectures, and as a Coach for individuals, businesses and schools.


Coaching sessions include hands-on labs where students generate real viral results for a particular product or project they are marketing.  “I walk them through administering a campaign where they will wind up on the front page of Google and in front of millions of targeted customers.  They learn how to target their market, how/where to blog to reach the highest number of targeted customers, how to build and deliver successful online PR campaigns, how to build HTML eblasts, create eblast mail lists, send eblasts and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” says Rosenberg.


“Gale Rosenberg is on the cutting edge of online promotion.  Her presentation is comprehensive and informative.  She is one of the best viral promotion people in the business.”


–  Professor John Hartmann, School of Film & Television, UCLA Extension


Rosenberg is available as a solo lecturer or in tandem with Professor John Hartmann.



View the Lecture and Coaching Outline


Visit the website here

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Rock ‘n Retail Donates $15,000 in CDs/DVDs/Books to Children’s Hospital LA

Press Contact:

December 14, 2009


Los Angeles, CA – Even during tough economic times, Record Labels/Distributors, Management Companies, DVD Distributors/Manufacturers, Artists and Public Relations Firms opened their hearts and provided generous donations to this year’s Rock ‘n Retail Children’s Hospital Holiday Drive.

In light of the H1N1 outbreak, this is a particularly tough holiday season for the many patients at the Hospital. Due to the highly contagious nature of this virus, CHLA has imposed quarantines, restricted visitation, and cancelled all holiday parties this year.

Per Gale Rosenberg, President of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC: “We are so incredibly grateful to our many Sponsors including Craig ‘n Company, Greenleaf & Associates, Hot Foot Records, Sony Music, Shout Factory, Rockabye Baby!, Putumayo World Music, Sugar Red Drive/Hardin Entertainment, Warner Bros. Records, Almighty Music Marketing, Wiggins Music Group Worldwide, Tinderbox Music, Warp Records, & Global Journey/Australian Sun Records; without whom these wonderful donations would not have been possible.”

“All totaled we donated over 1,000 units of quality merchandise including such artists/products as Christina Aguilera, Brandi, Sugar Red Drive, Lullaby Renditions of Carrie Underwood, The Honey Dogs, Smithsonian DVDs, Polar Express Books & DVD’s, Jewish Artists Celebrate Hip-Hop, Lola & The Red Hots, Disco Explosion DVD, Amiel, Animal Playground and Classical Baby & CD Book Sets; to name just a few titles” states Rosenberg.

Wendy Kellaris, Director of Volunteer Services for Children’s Hospital L.A. states: “The positive impact of music, books and other entertainment of this type cannot be measured. It is therapeutic, soothing and healing. We give our many thanks to Rock ‘n Retail for their 11 years of support to Children’s Hospital.”

“Donations made during the Holiday season make up 80% of our yearly donations. We use these donations all year round. The patients get a gift every week while in the hospital as well as an additional gift for birthdays, recovery from operations, traumatic events, etc. We distribute 70,000 gifts yearly and must rely on the generosity of the Community to help us accomplish this very important task. Patients are fortunate to have such excellent Doctors and Nurses taking care of them, but sometimes the most important thing for them is the knowledge that people outside our walls care about them as well” states Kellaris.

Donation Day at Children's Hospital!

Pictured from Left: Rock ‘n Retail Staffers Matt McFerran, M. Anthony Librizzi, Children’s Hospital Linda Drexel, Rock ‘n Retail President Gale Rosenberg, Children’s Hospital Wendy Kellaris; Web ‘n Retail’s Lydia McIntosh & Eugene Cho. For more information on the company go to: www.WebNRetail.net

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