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Fans Can’t Stop Laughing At The Soft Rock Music Video by Pablo Cruise Co-Founder Cory Charles (Lerios)


Fans world wide can’t stop laughing at the Soft Rock music video by Pablo Cruise Co-Founder Cory Charles (Lerios). Cory Charles struck gold with his extremely memorable video which has his fans laughing with his new music video that has a funny comedic twist. Cory has just released his solo debut EP “If I Could Change Anything It Would be You!” along with the music video for the title track. This soft rock and adult contemporary jam will have you swaying in tune and laughing all at the same time. Not only does it star the award winning Cory Charles, but also the beautiful model/ actress Erika Jordan; check out her tweet here http://bit.ly/Erika-J. One listen and you’ll become an instant fan! Cory Charles wrote the world wide hit theme and underscore for “Baywatch”, the Theme from Disney’s “Kim Possible” the scores from the hit TV shows, “Flipper”, “Max Headroom” and “The Land Before Time” just to name a few.

You can buy “If I Could Change Anything It Would be You!” on iTunes and Amazon . Stay up to date with all things Cory Charles on his Youtube and official website www.CoryCharles.com.

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