I’m trying a new diet that came with theFitGirl iPhone app that my girlfriends and I are using.  I’m learning how to lose weight with calorie control.  I tried the most advance exercises today and it kicked my butt!

The FitGirlApp has really good video instructions, plus written instructions, and also offers 2 calorie cutting whole food diet programs that are designed to work in tandem with the recommended workouts.

It helps burn fat, gain strength and endurance. I’m easily bored but this app mixes it up with over 100 fat burning workouts that target specific trouble areas and sweats away 800 plus calories with cardio boxing, boot camp and other sessions.  I like that there’s 3 different levels available. Some days I might have the energy to do advanced, but other days, beginner or intermediate.

Losing Weight and Healthy Recipes for Women with the Fit Girl App


If your musical tastes include bands like 30 seconds to Mars, Story of The Year, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica or AC/DC, you will thoroughly enjoy the music of The Rift. A guitar oriented band, The Rift includes three guitarists that share great chemistry onstage. They’ve already earned a great reputation that has allowed them to share the stage with bands like Exodus or The Misfits.

They recently released their second EP, Aces High, driven by the powerful single “Seven”  and they also filmed a new video for the catchy song “WAKE”  

With great live energy and rare musical skills, The Rift stands as one of the best live bands in Los Angeles that keeps their fans coming back for more.

You can  take a listen to the single/album and check their upcoming tour dates at Tunecore 

Follow them The Rift Facebook Page.

Rock Hard With The Heavy Metal Band The Rift

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On the rare occasion that I get time to go out with my friends, one of them had the most amazing looking skin, like it was airbrushed. When I asked what she was using she started laughing because she said that she wasn’t even wearing make up!   All she uses is a soap called Swell and an occasional droplet of Swell Sea Buckthorn Oil. She said it replaced her wrinkle cream, blemish cover and often her makeup.

As a working mom, I enjoy having some routine in my hectic schedule, especially with my make-up. One of my pet peeves is when I get used to a cosmetic and they stop making it. I had been using a combo skin foundation/illuminator at $10 a tube that lasted about 3 months. It was for the perfect price, and perfect brand but then it was discontinued. I found some on Ebay and stocked up on 5 tubes costing $38 each. Once those were gone, in rapid speed I may add, I went back on Ebay to find that the cost had risen to over a $100 a tube! So I began the search to find a new make-up routine.

I couldn’t find any single product like the one I had used so I ordered it at for $49 which may seem high but isn’t when you consider that the bar lasts a year, and you don’t need to use the oil everyday. While I haven’t sworn off makeup altogether, unlike prior to using SwellSkin, I wouldn’t go out without makeup, and now it ‘s no sweat!

Fighting Common Skin Disorder and Get Beautiful Skin for Busy Moms

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