Smooth Jazz Icon Jan Daleys The Way of a Woman New Release this Spring

This March 31, Jan Daley will release the next great smooth jazz album titled  “The Way of a Woman.”  It builds upon her previously released five-track EP “When Sunny Gets Blue” with six brand new tracks inspired by music from the Great American Songbook (music of the early 20th century by prominent artists such as Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein and others).  Jan Daley has worked with many of these artists and was under the mentorship of the great Jack Segal for many years before he died.  Jan Daley even performed with Bob Hope back in his days of touring the USO.

Daley’s experience is unmatched in the smooth jazz scene and she consistently continues to release some of the best smooth jazz available today.  Her sound reminisces back to a time long ago where artists like Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong owned the airways and the Great American Songbook was only an idea in progress.

You can download the title song from her EP  “When Sunny Gets Blue” FOR FREE from Noisetrade here: To learn more about Daley and to keep up with her latest updates, check out her Facebook here: and her official website here:


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Frank Sinatra Praises Jan Daleys Exceptional Smooth Jazz Music

In the words of the incredible Frank Sinatra, “She’s got it.”  And Jan Daley certainly does! From her success as Miss California to her USO Tours with Bob Hope to her phenomenal recently released smooth jazz albums Jan Daley certainly has what it takes.  When Sunny Gets Blue is a rendition of Great American Songbook tunes from the classic days of music.  She worked with the late Jack Segal for years to master the smooth jazz music- some of which he wrote.  Jan Daley’s praise doesn’t end here.  The great Louis Armstrong described Daley’s voice as, “big and beautiful” and as, “one of the best balanced talent blend on the boards,” by Variety.


A standout on her smooth jazz album is the title track (When Sunny Gets Blue).  Jan Daleys personal interpretation is intricate and reminiscient of the original in an incredibly beautiful way.  The years of work and personal connection with Jack Segal are clear. .


You can download the title song from her album  “When Sunny Gets Blue” FOR FREE from Noisetrade. To learn more about Daley and to keep up with her latest updates, check out her Facebook and her official website here:

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Legendary Louis Armstrong Speaks Highly of Jan Daleys Smooth Jazz

She’s got a, “Great Big Beautiful Voice.”  These are the words of the legendary Great American Songbook artist Louis Armstrong who thinks incredibly highly of the swooning smooth jazz vocals of Jan Daley.  Jan Daley is a seasoned veteran of the smooth jazz music scene and recently released her album, “When Sunny Gets Blue.”  This album features tunes from the Great American Songbook that are recorded through the immaculate smooth jazz lense of Daley and her experienced accompanists.


Inspired by the great Jack Segal, one of Daley’s late mentors and the original writer of “When Sunny Gets Blue,” Jan Daley performs these tunes with unmatched vocal prowess. Her phenomenal voice floats above the smooth jazz track of her seasoned players and will impress even the most critical smooth jazz listener.


You can download the title song from her album  “When Sunny Gets Blue” FOR FREE from Noisetrade. To learn more about Daley and to keep up with her latest updates, check out her Facebook and her official website here:


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Confused… by Love is the Perfect Rom-Com for this Weekend

If you’re looking for the perfect rom-com to watch this weekend, well Confused… by Love might be the one you’ll want to check out. The film follows the story of Ferguson Middlebecker (Keith Mascoll) an anti-social author and his socialite wife, Tiffany Middlebecker (Jamie Perez), forced to invite his best friend and ex-girlfriend (Simba Dibinga and Jordan Lloyd respectively) to stay with the couple in order to save their house from foreclosure. Watch the trailer here.


Fun facts about the movie and the director: it was made in 6 days, and there was an IndieGoGo page set up for the movie back in March of 2015 wherein they were able to raise over $8,000 dollars in 30 days. Crosby Tatum is an young 20 something; very self-motivated, independent Television/Motion Picture Producer/Director who has produced, directed, written, and edited entertainment content for Domestic and International Audiences worldwide. He also has his own studio called Triceptus Films.


Confused… by Love is an official “Award-Winning” film selected by six different film festivals. The most recent selection being from the Hollywood Black Film Festival! The movie will be screening on February 23 at 12:45 pm at the AMC Theater Marketplace 6 in Marina Del Rey, CA. For more details you can check out the HBFF website.


If you’re interested, the film is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, Google Play , Youtube and Indierights.

Don’t forget to check out the official website here:!confusedbyloveposter.JPEG

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Jan Daley Impresses Listeners with Smooth Jazz Music


If you love classic Bette Midler, you should give Jan Daley’s new smooth jazz album When Sunny Gets Blue a listen! Daley takes on a collection of tunes from the Great American Songbook and, as usual, blows audiences away with her immaculate smooth jazz music that people have come to expect.

Daley’s friendship with the original writer/producer of the title track (the late Jack Segal) resulted in one of the most intimate and personally connected jazz albums to be released in recent years.

If you love smooth jazz, you can download her single When Sunny Gets Blue at no cost from Noisetrade here:  Also keep up with Jan on Facebook here: and on her website here:


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This Holiday Season Beach Boys Fans Can Enjoy An Inside Look At The Band In Mike Love’s Book Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy


Frontman Mike Love of The Beach Boys has allowed fans of The Beach Boys to learn even more about the band and the bands history of over fifty years with his latest book Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy.

In his book, Love talks about how his family wound up in Southern California living on a beach in a tent, as well as the story of the relationship with the Wilson cousins – and what it was like growing up. Love’s book also dives into the unique American story of The Beach Boys, from their California roots to their international fame. Being the only band member to be part of this history each and every step, Love takes readers through the various ups and downs of the band’s history as well as “behind the scenes” stories of the band and the stories behind some of their most popular songs. Listen to an excerpt of one of the chapters of his book here. The book is also available in a holiday bundle which includes a hardcover book, tshirt, and Christmas CD; perfect for Beach Boys fans this holiday season and now at a reduced price than before which can be found here .

What devoted Beach Boys fan wouldn’t want to know more about one of their favorite bands? You can find the book at Penguin Random House Books online (Hardcover, AudioBook or eBook), Amazon (Kindle, Hardcover or Paperback Book),  Walmart (Hardcover Book) or Barnes & Noble (Hardcover Book).

Mike has also decided to surprise fans with a song that is perfect for this Holiday season! He is giving his song, “You’ll Never Be Alone On Christmas Day” away FOR FREE over on Noisetrade.

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Free Streaming and MP3 Downloads, Plus Holiday Music Gifts For Your Entire List From Amazon and Beyond


There’s still some time left to get your Christmas shopping done! If you’re still on the hunt for some good gift ideas, then look no further! We’re here to help make your last minute Christmas shopping a bit easier.

We’ve compiled yet another list of some of our favorite albums this month, with a little surprise in the form of an audio book thrown in the mix. The December Official Holiday Music Guide, covers a full range of genres from rock, jazz, pop, country, classical and contemporary. We’ve also got you covered with a few free downloads to introduce you or your friends and family to some great up and coming artists!

On our list this year are: Mike Love “Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy”, Debbie Williams “When Christmas Was Christmas”, Abi Ann “Put A Bow On It”, Jan Daley “There’s Nothing Like Christmas”, Deep Touch “Taunt In Me Muse”, Stephen Parker “Broken Mended Fences” off of “One Step Closer to the Blue”, Wouter Kellerman “Love Language”, The General Brothers “The General Brothers”, River Oaks “River Oaks EP”, and Temple of the Dog “Temple of The Dog: Deluxe Edition

There’s a little something in here for everyone, and we’re sure you’re going to find some great gift ideas or just some great new music for you! Happy Holidays!

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