Rhett May Releases Exceptional Creatures of the Night Rock Music Video

Rhett May has successfully written and released an album that challenges the cookie-cutter landscape of rock music today.  Rhett was originally born in Calcutta before moving to Australia.  He showcases the culture he was born into with his Sitar playing and also leaves no doubt about his love of classic rock.  His melodic lines are engaging and played with impressive mastery while still balancing perfectly with the distorted guitars and vocals.

Mays lyrics are top notch as well.  His observational writing is incredibly successful and, lyrically, his songs are all more than satisfactory.  If you enjoy the cohesive album writing of classic rock, Creatures of the Night should definitely be on your listening list.  Though the songs vary heavily in stylistic intent, orchestration and lyrical content- the album maintains an outstanding flow and will satisfy you from the first note of the first song until the reverb ends on the final track of the work.

To get a taste of what the album has to offer, head to Noisetrade where Rhett is giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Lexxi May”. If you love what you hear, then head to iTunes to get yourself a copy of the album.

Keep up with Rhett check out his Facebook, Twitter  and ReverbNation or discover more through his official website at www.RhettMay.com.

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American Country Music Artist Inspires Listeners with Her Songs About Determination and Positivity


Memories of this year’s Fourth of July festivities are fresh in the minds of Americans around the country, and Leslie Cours Mather Billboard Adult Contemporary charting single ‘We Are America,’ remains a terrific upbeat anthem, reminding listeners about America’s core principles of liberty, justice, strength and unity…particularly during times of struggle.

Leslie has powered through a series of personal and family life struggles. Those stories began to find their way into her songwriting, fueling themes of strength and hope as only music can. She was particularly inspired by Carrie Underwood’s song “Cry Pretty” with a message that every family has adversities they must survive…observing how music can help us feel less alone. She inspires all to be grateful, resilient and positive through her lyrics and commanding voice.  Songs like “I’m A Survivor” and “We Are America” motivate us to strengthen the light that shines in the soul and find courage to carry on when tested.

“Leslie Cours Mather is back with a song to pull us together in these times of division and indecision. ‘We Are America’ should tug at the hearts of all Americans. With attacks from outside and inside, ‘We Are America’ is the song we need to hear.”

-Dave Young, KDKD Radio

Coming this fall, she will be releasing her debut album, appropriately titled, “I’m a Survivor,” which contains several chart singles, and includes her brand new release entitled, “Love’s Gonna Do That.”

It will be exciting to experience the versatility and authentic songs that Leslie will be delivering. Judging by the immense soul and passion that shines through in ‘We Are America,’ there is no doubt that Leslie Cours Mather will continue to impress her listeners and inspire them to embrace life and overcome the obstacles that life brings.

While awaiting her new music, stream ‘We Are America’ on Spotify  and watch the official music video on Youtube. Also make sure to follow Leslie Cours Mather on Facebook. Also available is an offer to pre-order “I’m A Survivor.”

Use Your Spare Time to Watch Spotify Artist Brian McShea and The Sidemen Live at Lucky Strike in Los Angeles on August 26th

Have you guys been listening to Brian McShea and The Sidemen this summer? In case you don’t know who they are, you should check them out if you like alternative rock artists like the Foo Fighters or old Green Day. They released an EP on Spotify  this summer called “Real People, Not Actors” and has a bunch of great songs like “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” and “Stephanie.” Be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay hear about their newest shows and music!


Have a lot of “spare” time this summer? Spend it bowling with great music from Brian McShea and The Sidemen this month, it’ll be right up your guys’ “alley!” It’s at the popular Lucky Strike bowling alley on Hollywood Blvd., so it’s definitely something you should “strike” off your bucket list. I’m sure the traffic will be bad, so be sure to “split” an Uber with some friends and go together for a fun time! I know it’s on a Sunday night and most people have work the next day, but it’ll be a great way to get the ball rolling and start your week off on a high note. If you want to see what kind of vibes Brian McShea and The Sidemen will have performing live, their “Stephanie” music video is a great way to preview their dynamic energy.

Leslie Cours Mather Inspires Pride in Our Country with Her Rousing Song We Are America

In today’s musical climate, when it comes to authenticity, look no further than American singer songwriter Leslie Cours Mather. Through her fun, upbeat grove and inspiring lyrics, Mather embodies what it means to be positive, strong, and hopeful.

Balancing her life as an active artist, mother, wife and community member, her own struggles with adversity inspired her recent single “I’m a Survivor.” The anthem of courage, perseverance and strength during life’s struggles struck a chord with audiences, achieving chart success in Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart.

Mather’s patriotism and pride shines in her powerful music video “We Are America,” now streaming on YouTube and available for purchase on Amazon.  The song is a soaring anthem, paying tribute to America’s core virtues of strength and unity; an uplifting message during troubled times. If you’re looking for an artist to fill you with a sense of pride and to bolster your overall confidence, Leslie Cours Mather undoubtedly fits the bill.

You can find her upcoming LP  here, and be sure to like Leslie Cours Mather on Facebook to get all the latest updates on her music, including announcements about her soon to be released album “I’m A Survivor!”available for pre-order at bit.ly/IAmASurvivor .

You’ve Heard Brian McShea and The Sidemen on Spotify, Now Watch Them Live in Los Angeles this Summer

This month I’ve been vibing with Brian McShea and the Sidemen and put them on my summer playlist on Spotify! If you’re not familiar with Brian McShea and the Sidemen, don’t worry! Their songs are very open and inviting to everyone, even if you haven’t heard a single song. Some great summer songs of them that I recommend to new listeners are “Stephanie”  and “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” You can even check out their videos on their YouTube channel; they have music videos, live performances, and their songs on there if you want to see what they’re about!

This summer is really heating up in Los Angeles! I know the best way to stay cool is to catch Brian McShea and the Sidemen at The Redwood Bar in Los Angeles on Tuesday (7/31) night! If you know me, you know I’ve been excited about this event all month, and I can’t believe that it’s just around the corner! It’s going to be a great time with food, drinks, and great music! This is definitely a show that you don’t want to miss!

Get Hooked on Stephanie in this YouTube music video and Catch it Performed Live in Los Angeles at the Redwood Bar

Stephanie Music Video Screenshot

After following Brian McShea and the Sidemen, I’ve always wanted to see them live, which is why I’m so excited that they’re coming to the Redwood Bar in Los Angeles on July 31st! I heard that the Redwood Bar is pirate themed, I wonder if I should get dressed up to fit in? I think it would be really unique and fun place for Brian McShea and the Sidemen to perform.

I’m most looking forward to hearing them play their new EP, “Real People, Not Actors” live for the first time! The EP was only released a few weeks ago and I’m loving every song on it, especially “Stephanie!” I love how the song builds up progressively to a loud and catchy tune! This is the song I use to show people when I tell people about Brian McShea. I really think their music video for “Stephanie” on YouTube is really fun and fits the song well, while also showing us what Brian McShea and the Sidemen are really about!

Be sure to check out their website at www.BrianMcSheaAndTheSidemen.com, and stay updated on their Facebook to be the first to hear about new music, upcoming events, and news!

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Need More Classical Music? Get Free Download On Noisetrade From Xia Xia Zhang

Classical violinist Xia Xia Zhang is making a splash with her music! Right now you can grab a free download of Xia Xia’s violin performance of Franck Violin Sonata Mvt. 2. The free download is on Noisetrade. Xia Xia has been traveling around the world with her violin performing for a wide variety of audiences. From a distinguished scholar at Royal Academy of Music in London, to Doctor of Musical Arts at age 27, she has been awarded numerous prizes all over the world. For her earlier career in China, her name had been listed in the Chinese Musician’s Dictionary for Child Prodigies (1996 Edition), when she was 9. Check out her new video on Youtube, it’s already gotten over 2k views!

You can check out her music on SoundCloud and stay up to date with more upcoming performances on her website.

Indie Rock Band Slow Lights Is Getting Thousands of Plays on Spotify

Summer is here, which means it’s time for poolside hangs and new music! Slow Lights, an awesome 4-piece band out of the Baltimore area, has been picking up momentum on Spotify with their latest hit Portable Cabana’s. The bands tracks have been getting thousands of streams of Spotify and getting added to a bunch of fan playlists. It’s the perfect time to check them out! Slow Lights formed in 2013. Having written a multitude of original songs, Asa Kurland, teamed up with Felipe Cantuaria, Jason Altomare, Mike Pivik, and Troy Long to bring the tracks to life. Their classic instrumentation is centered around Asa’s acoustic songwriting and smooth indie tone. Slow Lights captures a coulful sound with a mix of rock and roll, funky rhythms, and the feel of an old school big band.

Portable Cabanas really makes you see how the band is described as a combination of rock, pop and horns leaning them to a bit of a jazz influence with a horn section. Portable Cabanas is now on Spotify, you can check it out here. You can also get a free download on Noisetrade. Hope you like it as much as I do! Looking forward to more from them!


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