Gift Guide-Top 10 Music Guide with Tracks from Movie ‘A Star Is Born’ Available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon

There’s no better way to gift your family for the holidays than the 2018 Top 10 Holiday Music Guide. Available to Stream on Spotify, Amazon, or iTunes to bring you one last gift before the New Year starts!

Stream on Spotify now on or surprise your loved ones with the gift of the album or single CDs. Ring out 2018 as you listen to this year’s Top 10 Music Guide.

This guide will satisfy any lovers of music with a variety of music from pop, country, jazz, R&B, to contemporary Christian, adult contemporary, alternative, and even movie soundtracks.

For the holiday mood, the guide has holiday hits by Mike Love, Katie Garibaldi, Debbie Williams, Leslie Cours Mather, and Eileen Carey. If you’re just looking for new music to before concluding this crazy 2018 year, the guide also has tracks by Soles of Passion, and a couple of undiscovered indie as well as world-renowned artists.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or looking for the a Christmas gift, look no further as the 2018 Top 10 Music Guide is the perfect playlist for you and your loved ones to listen while reliving all the moments and memories from this year. Gift the gift of music with the holiday guide this year to make this Christmas one for the books!

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Rhett May Releases Exceptional Creatures of the Night Rock Music Video

Rhett May has successfully written and released an album that challenges the cookie-cutter landscape of rock music today.  Rhett was originally born in Calcutta before moving to Australia.  He showcases the culture he was born into with his Sitar playing and also leaves no doubt about his love of classic rock.  His melodic lines are engaging and played with impressive mastery while still balancing perfectly with the distorted guitars and vocals.

Mays lyrics are top notch as well.  His observational writing is incredibly successful and, lyrically, his songs are all more than satisfactory.  If you enjoy the cohesive album writing of classic rock, Creatures of the Night should definitely be on your listening list.  Though the songs vary heavily in stylistic intent, orchestration and lyrical content- the album maintains an outstanding flow and will satisfy you from the first note of the first song until the reverb ends on the final track of the work.

To get a taste of what the album has to offer, head to Noisetrade where Rhett is giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Lexxi May”. If you love what you hear, then head to iTunes to get yourself a copy of the album.

Keep up with Rhett check out his Facebook, Twitter  and ReverbNation or discover more through his official website at

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Check Out PIERA’s Single Unraveling Inspired by Chelsea Wolfe Now on Spotify!

Have you listened to PIERA’s single “Unraveling” yet? If not, you need to this instant! This fantastic song consists of haunting vocals, up-beat melodies, and psychedelic undertones that are sure to get listeners entranced. Fun fact, this song was inspired partly by American singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe and her folk-rock sound. Listen on Spotify here.

The duo consists of Piera Klein and Micah Plissner, two multi-talented musicians. Klein isn’t just the lead singer of the group, she is also a wonderful composer and songwriter. Plissner on the other hand is a producer who can also play multiple instruments. It’s no surprise that their music sounds as good as it does when they combine their talents.

“Unraveling” isn’t the only piece of art these two have released. Also on Spotify are “As Good As You” and “Cosmic Reaction.” PIERA are only going up from here, as they’ve recently made their way to radio. You’ll be hearing much more from them soon, that’s for sure, and we can’t wait for what’s next in store.

Check out all things PIERA on the website at

Stay up to date on all of PIERA’s new releases here!

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Pop Artist EM Sounds Very Lana Del Rey in New Song Say What You Mean

The new single from pop singer/songwriter EM, “Say What You Mean,” is out now! You can definitely hear the Lana Del Rey influence throughout this romantic tune. “Say What You Mean” is a soulful pop song that goes straight to the heart and soul of relationships. Listen on Spotify here.

Em’s video for “Say What You Mean” is also representative of Lana Del Rey in regards to her storytelling. It portrays the Divine Feminine in a cinematic style – women of today but through a 50’s and 60’s lens. She shot this sensually and supernaturally mesmerizing video with director Parris Mayhew. Watch it on YouTube here.

Em says this song represents the “ethereal, emotional side of her writing.” She thinks of herself as a huge hopeless romantic and just wants someone to love her with every fiber of their being. “Say What You Mean” sees Em sending an ultimatum to her partner, by talking about honesty and the essential role it plays for the success of a relationship in the long run. Listen to “Say What You Mean” on Apple Music here.

To learn more about Em, make sure to follow her social media pages and check her website for updates!

Em’s Website

Em’s Facebook

Em’s Twitter @em4yoursoul

Em’s Instagram @em4yoursoul

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PIERA’S Indie Electronic Spotify Single “Unraveling” Inspires David Bowie Fans

Indie and Dark electronic pop duo, PIERA, gains inspiration from artists like David Bowie for their latest single “Unraveling” now available for streaming on Spotify. The diverse pair and Los Angeles locals, Piera Klein and Micah Plissner encourage listeners to make art, enjoy nature and arouse your consciousness as you listen to “Unraveling.”

Stream “Unraveling” on Spotify

Their genre-defying sound stems from a combination of their diverse backgrounds: Micah a multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from New York City and Piera, singer, songwriter, composer, and California native with a globe-trotting history. Their sound is electronic, underground, beat-driven, synth pop, with psychedelic undertones and haunting vocals.

The mystical indie and synth-feeling track “Unraveling” is the first of their latest releases. The duo also just released two other highly anticipated singles, “Cosmic Reaction” and “As Good As You” to stream on Spotify.

Check out all things PIERA on the website at

Stay up to date on all of PIERA’s new releases here!

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Client we’ve worked with, Alex Boye

Alex Boye is a star on Youtube with his videos gaining millions of views!!

He puts an African twist on todays popular songs and we had a chance to let everyone know! Alex went on tour in the Pacific Northwest and Salt Lake City putting on quite the performing arts extravaganza! You can check out his Youtube Channel to see his awesome cover songs.

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Our Previous Client! Laz & Cat

LAZ & CAT, Triceptus Studios Music’s first Hip-Hop music group under the year old music label just released their first CD, Tricity Vol. I.  The release has been a year-long passion for Triceptus Studios Executive Producers artists, Jay “Lazurus” Holland (LAZ), and Crosby “Catipus” Tatum (CAT).

Its’ got 14 tracks and features a new crop of New England Hip-Hop and R&B artists including Jayo-City, The General, Mugsy , Ms. Smith, and NV who are all featured in one form or another in this new album.  Two of Laz & Cat’s featured songs, FEEL & Fantasy Girl, both have music videos shot to them – all Produced, Directed, Conceptualized and Edited by Laz and Cat. 

After working this release we endeavored into a long working relationship with Crosby Tatum for his film studio and the release of his indie movie, Surpise! Surprise!

Stream Here

One of Our Clients: Phunk Junkeez

The Phunk Junkeez were signed to Trauma Records/Interscope Records releasing their second album,Injected (1995), nationwide. This release was recorded in Atlanta and produced by Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, At the Drive-In).[1] Injected produced a successful single, “I Love it Loud,” which was played in rotation on alternative stations nationwide accompanied by a video featuring Chris Farley and David Spade, and was featured on the Tommy Boy soundtrack. “I Love it Loud” eventually reached a peak of 8 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Another track from the album B-Boy Hard was featured on the soundtrack to National Lampoon’s Senior Trip. Phunk Junkeez toured extensively at this time, playing with No Doubt, Bush, Faith No More, Ramones, KMFDM, and mostly with 11.

Purchase here!

Steely Dan

To say it was a thrill to work on a Steely Dan release would be a definite understatement and especially to work their record on our internet show in 1995 made it that much more special!

I love that band so much that I recently went to see them at Universal Amphitheater and they still sound as good as they did back then.  BTW – did you know they closed down what was most recently called the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal City walk – to build instead…a Harry Potter ride.  Criminal behavior!

This record (“Live”) came out in 1995 on Giant Recordsand was featured on our Internet site “Rock the Strip”.  Rock the Strip was the first ever music reality show, the first reporter of online sales to Billboard and Hits, and was the 2nd ever CD store on the internet!  The show as hosted by Nina Blackwood (MTV) and Ken Sargeant (Fox Entertainment News) and we did quick music questions/quizzes on the street in Venice, Sunset Strip and elsewhere.  While the contestant was thinking, we’d cut away to video clips of the band they were trying to think to name (as the answer); and if they got it right, they won a CD!

To check out some of Steely Dan’s music, hit this link:

#Steely Dan      #WebnRetail

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Stephane Pompougnac

One of the best known DJ’s in Europe, we worked the 11th release in the series of his Hotel Costes series!

We (Web ‘n Retail!) were hired by his distributor, Super D on behalf of his label.   We did viral blogging for this release, targeting runway shows, Mercedes Benz fashion week, events in the Hamptons…that kind of thing!

“2008 installment in this trend-setting compilation series. Ten years ago , French DJ Stephane Pompougnac decided to bring together the tracks he played as the resident DJ at the famed Hotel Costes. A decade later, he brings the 11th installment in this excellent series. While continuing the tradition of the Hôtel Costes series, Pompougnac gives us a floral selection for this 11th volume. This acoustic and international mix takes us on a journey from Italy to Brazil without overlooking US and UK sounds. Moreover this new edition will be placed under the sign of discovery, with five exclusive new tracks from Variety Lab, Shazz, Stephane Pompougnac, Villa Black and a Costes’ edit ‘Enzo’ by Kraak and Smaak. 17 tracks.”

Get it here:

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The Unknown Instructors and David Thomas Might Be Your New Favorite Music Group

The Unknown Instructors is another band headed up by David Thomas (punk god!). He also has the bands: Pere Ubu, Rocket From The Tombs & David Thomas and 2 Pale boys. These records all came to us from a long standing client, great guy and gal – Frank & Lisa Mauceri, and a fantastic label – SmogVeil Records.

Why is it called SmogVeil you  ask? Well they only signed bands from Cleveland (including Rubber City Rebels); known for its main export – Rubber tires, and known secondly for the constant haze over the city, aka Smog.

Our good friend Ilka Pardinas who runs FlyPR here in LA, turned us onto the label for whom we worked releases for many years, at retail – and then online.

We worked “The Master’s Voice” and “The Way Things Work” for the Unknown Instructors/Smog Veil Records.

“…Rock ‘n Retail helps us accomplish our marketing goals and makes sure key decision makers on the retail level have our products at their fingertips.  Hiring Rock ‘n Retail is the most cost effective solution to getting the job done.”

-Frank Mauceri, President; Smog Veil Records

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King Con

This was probably the first true indie band we worked back in the late 80’s or early 90’s – their label was “Dental Records” run by a surfer dude!  The Rock ‘n Retail crew went to see them play in San Diego when they opened for the Tubes.  It was quite the debauchery weekend!  That was the first time we met the members of the band and it turned it out that our boss had dated one of them years earlier!  They threw a big party shortly after that on a rooftop at the beach – those were some wild times!

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